Monday, February 18, 2008

Newest updates

I haven't been blogging that actively lately because I've been at a pretty big standstill. First of all, Danielle backed out of the black Vespa that I had posted a picture of. But a friend of mine wanted it and paid me to go get it for him on Saturday. And what a wonderful day of freezing rain it was. By the time the seller and I were done looking it over, testing it out, loading it on the trailer, and loading up any extra parts, we were both soaked. Actually, after about 5 minutes we were soaked. By the time we were finished, we were just used to it. Luckily he was a very nice guy and donated a t-shirt to me so I wouldn't die of hypothermia on the way home.

So now the Haas has a new Vespa and is super pumped. He went to California for the week so while he is gone, I'm doing a little work on his bike. The shift cables need to be properly tensioned and the rear brake pedal put on and the electrical messed with to get the headlight working properly. It works sometimes, but not others. Must have a short somewhere.

As for my Vespa, I spent a good chunk of the weekend trying to put the engine case back together and have gotten frustrated enough that I am going to pay Stacy at the Vespa shop to look it over and make sure I have everything right then put the two halves back together.

I did get all of the floor trim riveted on and the body grommets in place. It looks like we are starting to get close to the home stretch. I need to paint my cowls today and order any missing hardware/rubber. I'm hoping to also have the fork put back together and put in place as well as run the new electrical harness and get it ready for the CDI upgrade. Don't quote me, but I am shooting to be done in about two more weeks given all parts show up when I am expecting them. The most important parts that I'm waiting on should be here on Wednesday. And that is the carb and the cylinder kit.



Scooter Couple said...


Got any updates or pictures of previous steps to expand upon and write a little, ie polished rebuilt motor, hang-ups, lessons learned, etc?


Scooter Couple said...

Any updates?

friv 4 said...

Very interesting post. really informative. of all the blogs I have read on the same topic, this one is actually enlightening.



Jerryo said...

hey there, any more on this? it's been years and was looking like a good restoration!