Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mild progress today

So, I work for myself. It is nice because since I am also a full time student, I can still have plenty of time for my family. Well, today was my wife's first day of college. I was excited because A) I'm proud of her, and B) For her to go to school, I can't work on Wednesdays. Instead, I need to stay home with the baby. (The older of the two goes to day care, and to preschool in the fall). I thought to myself "Hot damn! The baby normally takes about 4 hours worth of naps throughout the day, that means on Wednesdays I can have a little dedicated Vespa time!" Especially because it is normally 2 naps of 2 hours, so I can have a couple good working blocks. Not today. Oh no no no. The baby was cranky. So all that I got done was taking her on a field trip to pick up the paint. After talking to a few bike owners and from what I remember of my old pal Tim (Custom painter at Big Dog Motorcycles), it is best to use a single stage paint on any sort of every day rider that doesn't have custom paint jobs (designs, flames, what have you) because it is much more durable and chip resistant. With custom jobs, you really don't have much of a choice. I was told a 2 stage (paint coat, top coat) is also good, especially for show quality, it's just a little better for an every day rider to have a single stage. I'm going with a seafoam green.

After school tonight, I squeezed in a good hour to finish getting everything rounded up for the big media blast on Friday. I decided I would just let them handle the Fender and fork, and finish up the little specs I left on the rims. I think if I never use chemical stripper again, it will be too soon. I started taping up parts that are already down to bare metal. So far, the pieces completely ready for priming are the engine cowl, the head, the lever attachments, and the gas tank. While disassembling the fork, found I will need a new shock, though. No biggie.



Scooter Couple said...

Look over everything carefully. Tape your bearing races off in the body where the steering column goes through. I did not -- a mistake. Give them every single part you can. Hell throw in your engine cases two and fill the insides with newspaper and tape it up with a BIG sign "do NOT blast!!!!" and have them bead blast your cases. Separate your rims so they can fully get everything off. I forgot to bring in my tail light assembly, which needed to be painted as well. Double check everything.

Will you paint upon pick up?

We used two-stage paint. What is the cost difference? We paid $1000 for single color and body work included -- see my engine side cowl.


Scooter Couple said...

Two questions:

1) How do aim to seal the "tunnel" beneath the floor board and other areas that you can NOT spray into?

I planned to grease mine. Poor planning in the beginning for me -- won't work out the way I would have liked.

I am sure you read my complaints and rants about this on my blog.

I have heard some use thin'd primer to pore into those areas to seal them up and protect them from rust.

2) What is your rule of thumb for thickness of bondo or alike on a scoot, considering how much it vibrates?

I have heard ultra thin coats good more than that bad. I think I was told 1/16 inch or something. I can't remember.