Thursday, January 24, 2008

Word to the wise.

Straight from the folks at, I found out that most of their parts and scooterworks' come from

I had never even heard of the place until the Scootrichmond folks told me about them.

Well, they are CHEAP. I wouldn't necessarily trust them with heavy mechanical or quality concerning parts just to be safe. But I got everything I needed from them, including shipping for about half the price it would have cost from an American company that resells their parts.

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Scooter Couple said...


I do not believe that is entirely true. I have ordered from Scomo (ScootRichmond) and ScooterWorks and my parts are Italian-made.

My research has brought me to the conclusion that the majority of ScootRS parts are only good for daily rider rat bikes. Although, their scooters are a great platform to start from if you're buying a bike.

I would aim to buy as much Italian as possible.

And double check with ScooterWorks and such or by posting on BBS. I'm having trouble buying this.

Is a rear Sebac shock from Vietnam? The few photos I have on new parts on my site are Italian and bought from those two shops.

Also, talk with Danell from SPD. She is good people!