Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Parts update.

The last 3 days, I have thrown down a lot of money to get the most expensive parts out of the way. Really, the bike was pretty complete when I got it and some new parts had been purchased by one of the previous owners. By the time I got it, it had all new cables, a new wiring harness, a new center floormat, and rear brake rubber.

This week, I have ordered:
A headlamp assembly
A taillight lense
New bulbs
The floor rail kit
A new chrome horn
A gasket replacement kit
New grips
A 12v flywheel
A 12v stator
12v junction boxes
A new speedometer assembly
A new exhaust
A buddy seat
A set of kickstand feet

Of course, as the restoration progresses, you will always find pieces that need replaced along the way that you hadn't planned. As of right now, the piston and cylinder are questionable (I previously mentioned, we are going to try and un-jam it this weekend). And I think that Ken has the know how to get the glovebox cowl back into shape so that the door will fit back on correctly. But as of now, here's the known parts that remain necessary:

1 Brake/Clutch lever
legshield trim
cowl trim
cowl rubber
helmet latch
mirrors (optional accesory)
rear rack/spare tire attachment (optional accesory)
3x 3.5" x 8" whitewall tires
3x 3.5" x 8" innertubes

So really, as of now, I've got most of the purchases out of the way. But again, I'm more than sure that I will find other things that need to be replaced. The engine casing isn't split yet. Once inside, there's a lot of common pieces that need to be replaced. Like oil seals, bearings, cruciforms, etc.

We'll see where things go once the engine is split open this weekend.


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